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Bush – October 22, 2010 Venue: The Palladium Ballroom

By Jeanne Marrs
Photos by Michael Insuaste

The return of Bush back to the DFW area was highly anticipated and well received by the Dallas Bush fans. Appearing at The Palladium Ballroom for a decently packed room, there was no doubt the crowd was high on anticipation for their long awaited return and the inevitable excitement a live show brings.

Gavin Rossdale kicked off the show with two top hits, Machinehead and Little Things. The audience went nuts! Surprisingly, the crowd was predominately young for what would be expected at a Bush concert, still, the audience participation filled the ballroom and by the reaction of the band, or at least Gavin, the love was reciprocal.

The show continued with a few off-the-wall songs; Prize Fighter and Afterlife but Greedy Fly soon brought the crowd to a frenzy once again. Mr. Rossdale was enjoying himself as the night progressed. The obvious thrill of performing in front of a fist pumping, adoring young audience, had him sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish shop….or maybe it was just the the stage lights. On the contrary, guitarist Chris Traynor looked annoyed and running through the motions. Nevertheless, Traynor’s guitar work was dead on and did not disappoint.

Besides the music, Bush brought quite an elaborate stage set up. The high rise drum platform and the awesome stage lights were captivating. Trying to find some low point in the show was hard for me. The hits kept coming with The People That We Love and Chemicals, and then finishing up with Everything Zen. From what I can tell the eight-year hiatus Bush has taken didn’t cost them much of their fan base. The crowd loved the show!

They finished up their set with three encores, Alien, Glycerine and Comedown. The only down side I can say about the concert is that they could have played a bit longer, much longer for most fans.
One of three opening acts was Filter. As far as I’m concerned, Filter is a strapping band. I say this because of their lyrics and their style. Filter always had a very powerful stage presence, but not this night. Richard Patrick lacked performance, attitude and most of all talent in general. At times it was quite painful to hear his vocals. The highlight to their set was his audience participation as he climbed into the crowd and borrowed a fans camera to take a few pictures of his band on stage, himself and the audience. Hey Man, Nice Shot was their closing song. A great tune, but a little too late.


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