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Rush – September 26, 2010 Venue: Superpages.com

October 6, 2010

By Roy Turner This tour is unusual to the normal “touring patterns” that this band follows. You will see a methodical pattern emerging throughout this review of the band’s work ethic, which is not lost and completely celebrated by their legion of fanatical followers. Typically the band tours the States briefly after releasing an LP, […]

Flyleaf – September 28, 2010 Venue: House Of Blues (Dallas)

October 6, 2010

By David Huff Photos by Vernon L. Gowdy III Flyleaf straddles a very interesting fence because of their personal religious beliefs. If the band leans one way, they fall into the Christian metal category. If the group tilts the other direction, then they are welcomed with open arms into the rollicking world of alternative and […]

The Pixies – September 19, 2010 Venue: Verizon Theater Grand Prairie

October 3, 2010

By Roy Turner Photos by Giovanni Gallucci There is just something about the Pixies that just breeds a special type of giddy excitement. It would be arrogant of me to even try to explain why, but I will have no problem expressing how it feels. It was definitely in the air this past Sunday when […]

O.A.R. – September 22, 2010 Venue: House Of Blues (Dallas)

October 3, 2010

By Roy Turner Photos by Giovanni Gallucci When I arrived at the House of Blues in Dallas for this show, I was in strange territory and I knew it. I’m usually thrilled by being an observer of a sample population that I don’t normally inhabit. Although I knew virtually nothing about the band, as a […]

Black Keys – September 23, 2010 Venue: Superpages.com

October 3, 2010

By Charley Wiles Photos by Joel Winburne Akron, Ohio’s finest garage band shook Dallas last night. The Black Keys casually walked on stage and were quick to inform the crowd that they were not Kings of Leon, but rather Dan and Patrick; the audience was fine with that. Starting off strong with a few tracks […]


October 3, 2010

Stepping out last night I stumbled into the Granada Theater where I caught the live opening set of a Dallas indie band called Hoyotoho. Funny name, even sounds Asian, but not at all. The band consist of four talents Dallas based musicians. Do yourself a favor and catch these guys playing around the metroplex. http://www.hoyotoho.com/