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Ted Nugent Rockin’ America Again Concert Review

Ted NugentFreedom isn’t free! A Rock & Roll Show That Had Some On One Knee, Guitar Pitch Clear, Crisp, and Clean I Was Hearing Tones I had never heard before, filling The Room. Backed By A Full Size American Flag, The Red, The White, and The Blue This Three-Piece Rock Show Was None Other than Patriotic Brilliance!

Fan or not, TED NUGENT provides his fans and critics alike with Rock & Roll in a class all of his own. Proud to be an American, Ted Nugent’s patriotism is real and unedited. If your feelings are easily hurt, I don’t advise your outing to include “The Nuge.” In fact, he makes himself very clear, “have I offended you? Good! Go ahead and leave!”

I had the opportunity of meeting, as well as witnessing my very first Ted Nugent concert while attending the 40th Annual International Guitar Show & Festival last May. From his finale closing the guitar show in Dallas Texas for 2017 to his Rockin’ America Again tour landing in Fort Worth, Texas about two months later, it was as though I was witnessing his stage performance for the first time, and on an entirely different level. Read more »


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