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John O’Daniel Memorial Hundreds Pay Homage To Late Singer!

John O’Daniel Memorial
December 9, 2018
Anatole Hotel
Dallas, TX

Review by David Simers
Photos by Chuck Flores

Hundreds Pay Homage To Late Singer!

John O'Daniel MemorialIt’s difficult to honor a man who means so much to the music community, but friends, family and extended family do so with a memorial to the late John O’Daniel. Big John, as many call him, would love the musical tribute by members of his two prominent bands – Point Blank and The Stratoblasters.

Long-time friends fill the Anatole Hotel ballroom and begin to share stories from their past with music as the central theme. Although it’s an emotional time, they see familiar faces from the past and are happy to relive some great memories, even though some of the memories were struggles at the time. The thoughts and words they share bring the friends as close together as they were when they saw each other every week at the concerts. Read more »

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