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Kara Grainger Delivers The Blues In Style!

Kara Grainger
February 8, 2019
Guitar Sanctuary
McKinney, TX

Review by David Simers
Photos by Kerry Langford

Kara Grainger Delivers The Blues In Style!

Kara GraingerAs the crowd fills in on a cold night at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, several old friends gather to talk about seeing and hearing Kara Grainger for the first time. Others chime in and tell how they have followed the career path of the young blues artist originally from Sydney, Australia.

Grainger soon comes on stage and immediately wows the crowd with her slide playing on her acoustic guitar. The folksy blues beat picks up and her soulful voice seduces the audience on “The Sky Is Falling.” Her left hand becomes a blur on the fret for the guitar solo on the first blues song the talented artist ever wrote.

Kara continues on slide acoustic with J.J. Cale’s “I’ll Make Love To You Anytime.” Drummer Brian Austin keeps a heavy back-beat going during the song, especially during Kara’s solo. The percussion shows how important a good drummer is to a blues band. Read more »


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