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New Rock Record Independent Debut Release SIMON!

Simon! Debut CD / Independent

The pandemic did most of us no good, but for musician Simon Sanchez (guitar) it gave him time to write and record a demo and when he found multi-talented Derek Corzine (vocals, drums, bass, guitar) he sent that demo over for Derek to add and polish and presto, you have this 12 song slab or guitar driven rock!

This release has several layers to it, a lot of it sounds like early Foo Fighters, especially ” Pieces Of My Mind” and “Pipe Dream” and other times it reminds of the heavier Pat Travers type stuff like on the songs “Devil’s Trail” and “World On Fire” with catchy riffs and tasty solo’s.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, they throw in a female singer (Chandess Milner) for the ballad “Face To Face” and the poppy “Sunday’s Girl”.

The last song and one of my favorites is “Black Days” which develops slowly and delivers in the end, the groove on “Down And Out” is another highlight, overall, this is an impressive disc considering it was mostly done with none of them in the same room, let’s hope they figure out how to get this to live stage soon! 

by Jeff Dennis

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