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John O’Daniel Memorial
December 9, 2018
Anatole Hotel
Dallas, TX

Review by David Simers
Photos by Chuck Flores

Hundreds Pay Homage To Late Singer!

John O'Daniel MemorialIt’s difficult to honor a man who means so much to the music community, but friends, family and extended family do so with a memorial to the late John O’Daniel. Big John, as many call him, would love the musical tribute by members of his two prominent bands – Point Blank and The Stratoblasters.

Long-time friends fill the Anatole Hotel ballroom and begin to share stories from their past with music as the central theme. Although it’s an emotional time, they see familiar faces from the past and are happy to relive some great memories, even though some of the memories were struggles at the time. The thoughts and words they share bring the friends as close together as they were when they saw each other every week at the concerts. Read more »


FOREIGNER Tom Gimbel Interview 40th Anniversary Tour

Photos Courtesy of ForeignerOnline.com

JAM Magazine chats with Tom Gimbel of FOREIGNER. Discussing the highs and lows of being a part of such an iconic 70s band for more than 25 years. Check out the 40th Anniversary Tour at Starplex Pavilion in Dallas TX this Friday, August 18th!


Buckcherry Rocks The Monkey!Buckcherry Rocks The Monkey!

On hot and sticky August Texas night, California rockers Buckcherry make another round to Big ‘D’ for yet another great night of Rock N’ Roll, this time at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, and to make things better or worst, not really sure, it was a SOLD OUT SHOW! Read more »


Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!All The Pop Punk Things!

One of the premier pop punk bands has made their return to the land of over 10,000 lakes. Grammy nominated Blink-182 was here to show off some new tunes and classic songs for all the fans in attendance. Fortunately, it had stopped raining right before the gates opened to the venue. I am sure that most people were worried that the outdoor show would be canceled as the skies had darkened and there was a prediction of rain. However, what seemed doomed to be a very wet evening, ended up being a fantastic night. Read more »


All American Band!
Grand Funk Railroad @ Billy Bob's TexasHas Grand Funk Railroad Derailed? They say “Without Mark Farner, there is no funk! When Mark Farner left, the funk left with him!” Saturday night at Billy Bob’s Texas prove that wrong once again!

Not having been affected by the dynamics of any changes within Grand Funk Railroad in particular, there was no lack of awareness for personal connection felt through the original band mates “breaking up” if you will.

While this reigns true, for me it was not an option on keeping an open mindset. When the dynamics of any band change everything changes. One fact remains, musicians must and will play on. With that being said ‘Rock and Roll’ on following your hearts desire. Read more »


Shane Zeher – Lead Vocals
Russ D. Contreras – Guitar
Dan Nelson – Keyboards
James Young – Bass
Jason Greene – Drums

Double Vision Foreigner ExperienceThere was nothing foreign about it! Talk about an opening act that showed up to “win the race.” The stage performance provided by Shane Zeher was an energy that would make having those front row seats well worth it and justifiable to the pocket book.

Provided the opportunity to open for the headlining band, Killer Queen, Double Vision owned their roll! Getting the audience both involved and ready to rock was a complete success down to the set list order being well thought out. Read more »


Killer Queen(KILLER QUEEN) – UK’S Premiere Tribute to Rock and Roll’s most brilliant leading front man, (FREDDIE MERCURY) and (QUEEN).

(PATRICK MYERS) portrayed as (MERCURY) pays an empathetic tribute to the late pop icon. Not to sound cliché, sent shivers down your spine as he plays the piano in the spotlight none other than “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This was the moment of the night I’m certain everyone was anxiously awaiting. Its just one of those songs that never dies, but is gift wrapped pretty tight for the artist that dare try. Singing lyrics so intensely deep and full of pain. There truly is no margin for error. (PATRICK MEYERS) KILLED IT! (MYERS) both humbled as well as emotional served a passionately Awe-inspiring tribute alongside his band mates! “Your enthusiasm and just being here tonight Dallas, is great! We all know there can only be one Freddie Mercury. Only ONE! I simply love that he won’t be forgotten!” – Walking front stage shaking hands with the audience of a packed house you could barely make out what your neighbor was saying over the foot stomping, hand clapping, fist pumping chaotic screams… When a woman shouts above the noise “Freddie may be dead, but his spirit, his soul, and fabulous clothes are so alive!” Flamboyant, nonetheless evident the impact this man had on her life was very real and you felt it.  Read more »


Ted NugentFreedom isn’t free! A Rock & Roll Show That Had Some On One Knee, Guitar Pitch Clear, Crisp, and Clean I Was Hearing Tones I had never heard before, filling The Room. Backed By A Full Size American Flag, The Red, The White, and The Blue This Three-Piece Rock Show Was None Other than Patriotic Brilliance!

Fan or not, TED NUGENT provides his fans and critics alike with Rock & Roll in a class all of his own. Proud to be an American, Ted Nugent’s patriotism is real and unedited. If your feelings are easily hurt, I don’t advise your outing to include “The Nuge.” In fact, he makes himself very clear, “have I offended you? Good! Go ahead and leave!”

I had the opportunity of meeting, as well as witnessing my very first Ted Nugent concert while attending the 40th Annual International Guitar Show & Festival last May. From his finale closing the guitar show in Dallas Texas for 2017 to his Rockin’ America Again tour landing in Fort Worth, Texas about two months later, it was as though I was witnessing his stage performance for the first time, and on an entirely different level. Read more »


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